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Martin Ghosal

I am m4r0v3r, better known ghosalmartin or mgrover on #sailfishos-porters.

I remember the N900 as the best phone that blew away the competitors at the time. Then the N9 with its gesture UI that changed everything. I did some work on porting SFOS to Nexus 5x. Learned a lot there thanks to the community and mals infinite patience :p Now am working on an Uber port using rinigus's mapbox work.

I guess my point is in all stages of my dabble with talk maemo its always been the community thats supported me and helped me one way or another. Oh also National Rail app that was done thanks to the help of #sailfishos with my silly questions. But the point am trying to make albeit badly is that its not about an OS, or a tech stack or even just trolling Dave. Its about the community around those things.



Ps I accept the nomination btw :P 

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