Meet the new Q2 2017 Maemo Community Council

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Meet the new Q2 2017 Maemo Community Council


Dear Maemo community, I have the great honor of introducing the new
Community Council for the upcoming Q2/2017 period.

**The members of the new council are (in alphabetical order):**

   * Juiceme (Jussi Ohenoja)
   * Mosen (Timo K├Ânnecke)
   * Sicelo (Sicelo Mhlongo)

The voting results can be seen on the [voting

I want to thank warmly all the members of the community who participated
in this most important action of choosing a new council for us!

The new council shall meet on the #maemo-meeting IRC channel next
tuesday 18.06 at 20:00 UTC for the formal handover with the passing

Jussi Ohenoja, On behalf of the outgoing Maemo Community Council

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