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Pali Rohár

I needed to connect to WiFi WPA2 network which using EAP/TTLS+GTC
authentification. Maemo5 has for these settings chechboxes in
Control Panel, but it does not remember password for TTLS+GTC
authentification. It is really annoing that user must enter
password every time.

I found which Maemo application is responsible for EAP
authentification. It is daemon /usr/bin/eapd which is in Nokia
non-free proprietary package osso-wlan-security. So fixing this
bug is not possible :-(

But I found string "EAP_GTC_passcode" in that daemon, so it
should read password from some configuration. I stored wifi GTC
password to gconf and it worked.

So problem is that Maemo Control Panel Connections GUI does not
have password field for TTLS+GTC authentification and eapd daemon
does not store password automatically.

*Here is manual solution how to store password for EAP/TTLS+GTC*

1. Find gconf dir for wifi network:

This shell script will print all wifi networks with gconf dir:

for line in `gconftool --all-dirs /system/osso/connectivity/IAP`;
do gconftool -g $line/name; echo $line; echo; done

2. Set/Change password for wifi network specified by gconf dir:

replace <dir> with gconf dir from step 1 and <password> for real

gconftool -s '<dir>/EAP_GTC_passcode' -t string '<password>'

Pali Rohár
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