Fwd: Building derivative distros on the Devuan Jenkins CI

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Fwd: Building derivative distros on the Devuan Jenkins CI

Ивайло Димитров

If anyone is interested, what is done so far (in terms of REing and forward-porting maemo packages to devuan) can be found on:

Hello everyone.

Cc'd to this email are Merlijn (Wizzup) and Ivaylo (freemangordon). I am
not sure if they are subscribed to the ML, so please keep them Cc'd.

We have (relatively) finished the code for the new amprolla that
Centurion_Dan said was needed for derivatives to build packages on the
Devuan CI infrastructure. The code can be found on:


A Devuan repository generated using this instance is living and
constantly being updated here: http://amprolla.parazyd.cf/merged

We would like to know what are the next steps for the maemo community to
start building packages on Jenkins. Most, if not all, packages are ready
to be built and just need to be included in the loop.

Can you tell us what needs to be done on our part and your part to get
this going? What would the timeframe for this be? We hope to start doing
it as soon as possible, hopefully next week.

~ parazyd
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