2016-06-07 Meeting Minutes

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2016-06-07 Meeting Minutes

Eetu Kahelin
Meeting held 2016-06-07 on FreeNode, channel #maemo-meeting

**Attending:**reinob, eekkelund, Win7Mac, juiceme, pichlo

**Partial: **

**Absent: **

**Summary of topics (ordered by discussion):**  

  * Topic Tax-exempt
  * Topic More Coding Competetion discussion

**(Topic Tax-exempt): **

  * juiceme has application form for Maemo community tax-exempt status
  * Finanical reports for the past 2 years to complete needs to be applied
  * "Being tax-exempt means we're a registered charity."
  * Is there any professional account managers among our community? Council could need little help.

**(Topic More Coding Competetion discussion): **

  * Discussion about basic tasks regarding Conding Competetion
  * eekkelund promised to think about leading the Coding Competetion

**Action Items:**

  * old items:
    * The next GA meeting should be announced soon.
    * Ask about tor and https from techstaff
    * Could we make coding competetion happen
  * new items:
    * Tax-exempt status


**Solved Action Items:**

  * Find out if https is doable (pichlo)
  * Check missing priviledges to the Council blog (juiceme)

URL: http://maemo.org/community/council/2016-06-07_meeting_minutes/
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